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WordNet: Could it serve as a term repository and database for this program?

Dec 6, 2011 at 7:43 AM
Hello- I'm very new to your program, actually stumbled into it while trying to find the holy grail of personal or desktop or individual data, file, contact, event, and information organization management and storage. I've given WordNet a very long look, and think that it could be well used as a keyword or tag term manager. Like your "Controlled Vocabulary" a way to limit users to a choice of terms, and would prevent misspelling, spacing, and character issues. Something different, that WordNet offers is the division of words into noun, verb, adjective, and adverb groups. Then words are subgroupped by synonyms, and sorted by spelling. There is also relations present to indicate term hierarchy and brief definitions of those terms. An example: You tag an item with "Collie" (dog breed) you could search under dog, canine, animal, or pet and would get a resulting match, but of a lower result than had another item had an exact match. A different example: a monthly email from your cellular phone provider. Now if you had to keyword it with every applicable term you might have two or more of the following; Bill, Invoice, Statement, Service, Cellular, Mobile, Phone, Communication, Internet, Utility, Tax, Deduction, Personal, Business, Verizon, Sprint, AT&T. Multi-Tagging is a pain in the keister, but, to really be organized, and to get rid of all those stupid folders and sub-folders, it is necessary. Going to a single storage folder (or a very very reduced number) is also the only way to eliminate duplicate files, and wasted space. So if there is a way to implement the use of a controlled vocabulary, do that sibling terms are synonym and also parent-child aware/controlled, then tagging an item one time for each unique (unrelated) subject. I've found a few other CodePlex projects that are also shooting around the bull, nothing quite in the "X" ring yet. I will update this post with names and links of those that are similar or possibly overlapping, as I post a similar discussion there. Thank you for any thought or advice, JMH